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Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 6 (1987)

Ingrid Langley has never forgiven her publishers for holding her book launch in a murder museum after one of the exhibits turns out to be a real corpse. This horrible discovery is the start of an investigation into violent death, deception and corruption in high places. Her and her husband Patrick’s enquiries take them to Kersebridge, in Scotland, where their former MI5 boss, Colonel Richard Daws, is supposedly convalescing from pheumonia. But Daws, drugged and helpless, is being held against his will on the orders of a very powerful enemy who is manipulating official channels in order to settle a private score.

Without an official mandate — although Patrick is still in the army he has no actual posting — they travel to Kersebridge only to be unable to contact the Colonel and then witness a cold-blooded murder. As though watching their every move the powers to be then send Patrick out to fight in the Gulf War leaving Ingrid to investigate on her own.

(Piatkus 1993)

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